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A company always tries to change with the times, it develops and takes advantage as opportunities arise.

Challenges are the daily bread and butter for entrepreneurs who are eager to develop their business and to raise their company to the highest level, and our founder, Dante Zecchel, perfectly embodies this spirit, added to the desire to anticipate trends, and to always be a step ahead of the market.

Termoplast BRC

Certificato BRC 2018

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Certificato ISO 2015

Termoplast azienda slideshow

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Termoplast Nord produces polyethylene and polypropylene flexible packaging which means polybags and rolls for various sectors, for instance the clothing market, topsoils, pellet, envelopes for couriers and the airport sector, siliconed products, school supplies and foodstuff for pasta factories and pastries, fresh salad and other products.

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